Put in Bay, Ohio Trip – Our Final Evening

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Downtown PIB - Carousel

Downtown PIB

After our kayaking trip, we took the golf cart back towards our hotel, Bayshore Resort and rode through downtown Put-in-Bay. All of the stores were open and the carousel was operating for the kids (and young at heart!). Once we were back at the hotel, we jumped in the pool for a quick dip since we were pretty hot and sweaty from all of that kayaking!

We waited for a little while to meet up with Shannon, Kristine, and Amanda for dinner. While we waited, we walked around a few shops in the downtown village. One of the important stops we made was to the Put-in-Bay Candy Bar where we bought all sorts of candy that would be guaranteed to give us a sugar high, such as interesting flavors of Jellybellys, salt water taffy, Skittles, Nerd ropes and more. That Candy store had everything! They sold ice cream, chocolate, fudge, and every sort of sugary treat you could think of!

Put-in-Bay Brewing Co.

Since we had such a great dinner the night before, we went back to Put-in-Bay Brewing Company for food and drinks. I got a watermelon mojito that was super yummy – they have so many different kinds of mojitos there! Justin had a beer, as per the usual 🙂  We ordered a pizza like we did the night before. This time, the waitress messed up our order a little bit by bringing us a small pizza instead of a larger one to share. She was in a bit of a sour mood and seemed to think it was our fault, even though we ordered it properly and she got it wrong! She did end up bringing us out another small pizza and made it work out to only charge us for a large on the receipt, but it was a bit of a hassle and she acted really annoyed. Unfortunately, this was the same waitress that served us the night before, and she seemed to really hate her job there! Otherwise, we would totally recommend going because the food is yummy and the drinks are delish! Just be prepared to deal with some grumpy members of staff.

PIB Sunset

After dinner, we took out the golf cart for a final spin before having to return it to the hotel for 10:00pm. We visited the northern part of the island where we went on the segway tour earlier in the day. Justin and I admired the beautiful sunset over the water. Perry’s Monument looked so majestic on such a brightly colored sky.

Golf Cart

There were TONS of bugs out at night that unfortunately, were flying into our faces as we drove the golf cart down the road! Our golf cart came with some sort of plastic sheet so we wrapped it around the front so the bugs could hit that instead. It made it a little bit tricky to see at night, so we decided to cut our ride short and return to the hotel. The sheet on the golf cart was kinda funny looking, but it did the trick until we got back. When we got back to the room, we were going to sit down for a few minutes and head out on the town….but we both fell asleep! We were out in the sun all day and had such a busy day kayaking and segwaying…that we totally crashed! It was just as well since we wanted to get enough sleep for another fun-filled day the next day.

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