Les Cafes du Soleil – The Best Coffee in Quebec City

Anyone who knows me knows that I love coffee. It is my favourite beverage. Some people likely think I’m crazy when I tell them that I’d much rather drink a coffee than an alcoholic beverage. But, it’s true. Needless to say, when I travel, I’m in search of the best cup of coffee that I can find.

I wouldn’t say that Quebec City had a shortage of coffee shops, but the restaurant with a patio definitely reigned supreme. While there are a vast amount of chain coffee shops that you’ll find in any old place, Quebec City does seem to have a shortage of small, independent cafes. When Justin and I stumbled upon this small coffee shop called Les Cafรฉs Du Soleil fairly close to our hotel, we had to stop in for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Les Cafรฉs Du Soleil has no official website or Facebook page. It is pretty easy to miss as they just have one small sign in the window. It definitely seems like the kind of place that both locals and tourists adore if they know where to find it.

Once you’re inside Les Cafes du Soleil, you’ll discover a coffee-lovers paradise. Several different kinds of coffee beans line the walls behind the cash register, available for purchase or to drink in the shop. They serve drip coffee, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, and even some freshly baked pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth. On the opposite wall, there is a huge variety of coffee brewing equipment and accessories, as well as teapots and mugs. I should also mention that there are over 30 different types of loose leaf teas for those who enjoy tea instead of coffee. There are several tables indoors, or you can sit at one of the few tables outside to enjoy the street views.

I ordered an Americano (espresso topped with hot water) and it was bold and delicious. You can get brewed coffee at just about any restaurant in Quebec City; however,ย  I recommend heading to this coffee shop if you are serious about your caffeinated beverages, or if you’re looking to order some drinks without wanting to sit down for a full meal. It was definitely the best coffee that I had during our trip to Quebec City!

Les Cafes du Soleil

143, Rue Saint-Paul
Quebec City, QC

Hours: Weekdays 6:30am-5:00pm; Weekends 8:00am-5:00pm


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  1. Reasons to Dress
    | Reply

    Looks like a beautiful place to stop in for a coffee and the selection is so BIG! In so many ways I agree with you about wanting coffee rather than alcohol. A good coffee leaves you satisfied in a way that a drink cannot.

    Great photos as usual!

  2. Chris Boothman
    | Reply

    Love my morning coffee and always like to find local establishments when traveling. This looks like a spot right up my alley for a morning mocha or latte!

  3. Megan Claire
    | Reply

    I’m really not a coffee drinker, though I would sit down for a cup of hot chocolate with those street views!

  4. Karyn @ Not Done Travelling
    | Reply

    Guys I’m so sorry I’ve been AWOL from commenting! I’ve been obsessed with my studies and it’s taken me a little while to get back around to everybody! Hopefully I’ll be able to comment a little more now.

    Anyway, this looks like such a beautiful little coffee shop! I think that crappy coffee is abhorrent, so any place that gets it right gets a big thumbs up from me. Plus, I think it’s amazing for a business to have neither a website nor a Facebook page in 2014. They are clearly doing something right if their business is thriving without these things!

    • Lauren | Justin Plus Lauren
      | Reply

      Oh my goodness no worries at all! I feel like I’ve been slacking lately in the comments department on blogs as I’ve been really busy too! I’ve also been sick the last couple of days with this awful cold that leaves me feeling weak and like not doing anything at all…blah! I was quite amazed to see that they had no website or Facebook page, but they must be doing great business just via locals and word of mouth!

  5. Claudia Luxembourg
    | Reply

    Mmmmmmmm coffee! I am an addict myself. There is only one kind of coffee I refuse to drink: instant coffee. As for the rest, I love them all as long as they are good quality ones: Italian style espresso; Italian coffee pot; Turkish coffee; French press; American filter… I even drink decaf so I can have more of it ๐Ÿ™‚

    We don’t have chain coffees here in Italy (Starbucks, Costa and the rest are LUCKILY not here). But, we don’t even have these independent coffee houses that have a million kinds of coffee. We have several kinds of coffee in terms of what you can get: espresso, macchiato, macchiato freddo, corretto, al vetro, lungo, etc… In our culture, a coffee is more of a fast thing: get inside a “bar”, order an espresso, gallo it down (well, it is hardly a sip) then leave.

    You may have given me a good business idea ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Lauren | Justin Plus Lauren
      | Reply

      Well, if you end up opening a coffee shop, I will have to come by to visit! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been reading about coffee in Italy, what is acceptable to order, how it is usually drank standing up by the bar, and so on…very interesting, and very different from here! I like all sorts of coffees as well, I don’t ever have the instant variety either, I like a better quality one ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hannah Logan
    | Reply

    Oooh I’ll have to tuck this name away. Planning to re-visit in December- thanks for the tip ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lauren | Justin Plus Lauren
      | Reply

      Awesome that you’re going in December!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oooh I can only imagine how they might have some lights and things out for Christmas? Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  7. Alli Blair
    | Reply

    This looks like such a quaint and adorable place to enjoy a nice cup of coffee ๐Ÿ™‚ Have you ever tried Greek coffee! Now that is some serious grind ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lauren | Justin Plus Lauren
      | Reply

      That is so funny that you mention it! I was at a Greek restaurant the other day with Justin and his parents and I saw that there was Greek coffee on the menu…I asked his mom if she knew what it was, and she was guessing it was a really really strong type of coffee or espresso. I haven’t tried it, but I would love to! I didn’t that day since it was getting to be late at night…but I’ll have to for sure at some point ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Mytanfeet
    | Reply

    I’m actually craving coffee so bad right now and this just made it worse haha

  9. East Meets West Veg
    | Reply

    What a cute place! I am not a big coffee drinker, but I would like to go here.

    • Lauren | Justin Plus Lauren
      | Reply

      It was super cute! And there were lots of other beverages to enjoy. I wish I had taken note of them more, but I was really focused on drinking my coffee!

  10. Raphael Alexander Zoren
    | Reply

    Great place, gotta love the French heritage of Quebec!
    Raphael Alexander Zoren recently posted…Selcฬงuk and the Byzantine castle of AyasulukMy Profile

  11. Margherita @The Crowded Planet
    | Reply

    Oh my goodness, there are so many kinds of coffee! Unbelievable! I think I could spend the whole day there…
    Margherita @The Crowded Planet recently posted…Ice Age Action in the Kvarken ArchipelagoMy Profile

  12. Katie
    | Reply

    This shop looks adorable, I am a huge coffee lover as well, and I think Quebec City is a place I really need to visit, SOON!
    Katie recently posted…Travel through PhotosMy Profile

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