Connecting Over Coffee: How Coffee Brings Us Together

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Connecting Over Coffee: How Coffee Brings Us Together

All over the world, people are united by their love for coffee.

From country to country, coffee is prepared and served in a variety of ways. Some traditions run deep, some are recognized for their cultural significance, and some are simply for the love of the beverage. What remains the same is that coffee brings people together. There’s nothing like getting together with friends or loved ones, connecting over coffee.

When it comes to my home country of Canada, we don’t have very strict coffee traditions. I like to drink coffee in the morning, afternoon, or night – but it’s always best when it’s shared with friends and loved ones. Luckily for us, the McCafé Free Coffee promotion is back in Canada from February 29th – March 6th!

Share a Free McCafé Coffee with a Friend

With the return of McCafé Free Coffee, coffee drinkers can share a small hot brewed coffee with a friend by sending them a free coffee gram. By visiting the website, you can also schedule a date to share a free coffee with your loved ones.  Once the date is finalized, the fun coffee gram can be shared by email, Twitter, or Facebook. Coffee enthusiasts are encouraged to share their coffee moments and create coffee memories on social media using the hashtag, #McCaféFreeCoffee.

The coffee grams are easy to customize and send. The designs are fun, playful, and super cute.  All you have to do is choose a sweet message, schedule a date, and send it to your friend. These McCafé coffee grams are a great excuse to schedule that much needed catch up time with a friend or loved one that you keep meaning to visit.. Who wouldn’t love to open their inbox, Twitter or Facebook account and receive a fun free coffee gram?  Surprise your loved ones today! Here are a couple coffee grams I love:

Connecting Over Coffee: How Coffee Brings Us Together

Connecting Over Coffee: How Coffee Brings Us Together


McCafé Premium Roast Coffee is made with fresh 100% Arabica beans, giving it a smooth taste and an enticing aroma. The coffee beans are flame roasted, giving each cup a full-bodied, delicious flavour. This medium-dark roast is available in both regular and decaf.

And best of all, From February 29th – March 6th, enjoy a small hot brewed coffee for completely FREE.

Connecting Over Coffee: How Coffee Brings Us Together

I’m really looking forward to sending free drinks to all of my coffee loving friends and reconnecting at our local McCafé. Grab one on the go, or share one with a friend! So, who wants to meet me for a coffee date?


Connecting over coffee: How coffee brings us together

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Who will receive a free McCafé coffee gram from you?

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