Chez Victor, Gourmet Burgers in Quebec City

Chez Victor was just what we needed after a long travel day from Toronto to Quebec City. After an 8+ hour drive and arriving at our hotel, we were starving. The original plan was to go to a small sushi place that offered vegetarian items. After making the half hour walk (which turned into a lengthier walk as we were stopping to take photos every moment), we discovered that the sushi restaurant was closed on Mondays, despite their website stating otherwise. At this point, I was beginning to grow a little cranky since I was so hungry – I’m sure you know the feeling! Then, I remembered walking past Chez Victor on the way to the sushi joint, and Chez Victor was on my list of places that offered vegan meals that I had prepared ahead of time. After dining at Chez Victor, I wished we had saved ourselves the walk in the first place and eaten here right away!

Chez Victor has ten locations in Quebec City. This one was located on St-Paul in Lower Town. Although Chez Victor has a lovely patio, we decided to sit indoors. The decor was very modern with neon lights in some spots, and portrayed a very hip vibe. It was a Monday night so it wasn’t very busy, although I could imagine that this place fills up on the weekends. There was a sleek, metallic bar where many alcoholic concoctions were created, and there were two other sections with big tables that seated larger parties.

While Chez Victor does offer a few sandwiches and salads, the burger remains at the forefront. I could count 19 different burgers on the menu, with daily specials being promoted as well. Out of these 19 burgers, four on the menu were vegetarian burgers. These were easily customizable to make them vegan by removing any cheese or mayonnaise. It was difficult to decide as they all sounded great. Justin ended up ordering the Tofu Burger with maple and balsamic vinegar. I ordered the Chickpea and Red Bean Burger with date and orange spread.

Justin having some difficulties with the ketchup coming out!

I wasn’t sure about the date and orange spread when I ordered the burger, but I love chickpea burgers and wanted to try something new. As it turned out, the flavors were fabulous! It was a little bit sweet and tangy, which blended perfectly with the bean burger. Justin’s burger also had a slight sweetness from the maple. Can I say that it might have been the best veggie burger I’ve ever had? It would definitely rank right up there amongst the best! Both burgers came with a huge mound of fries that neither of us came close to finishing. I will also mention that the service was great here. Our server was very helpful in explaining the menu items to us in English, and we didn’t have any problems modifying the burgers to make them vegan. The food arrived very quickly after we placed our order.

With ten different locations, there’s sure to be a Chez Victor near you wherever you end up staying in Quebec City. There appears to be a burger for every taste on the menu. The restaurant is fantastic for anyone following a vegetarian or vegan diet as you’ll have way more choices than at a typical burger place. The restaurant also has great hours – for the most part, it opens at 8:00am and closes between 9 and 10:00pm, depending on the night. They have a separate lunch menu, and brunch is served on the weekends.

Chez Victor St-Paul

300 Rue St-Paul

Québec, QC

(418) 781-2511

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  1. megan_claire
    | Reply

    One word for you … YUM! I’ve always been one of those girls who prefers big juicy burgers to salads anyway, so this place looks right up my alley!!

  2. Hannah Logan
    | Reply

    Bummer about the first place being closed…always a let down when you go out of the way to find something only to be let down…looks like it ended up being a good thing for you two though- the burgers look great!

  3. Jenna
    | Reply

    Yum! This just made me really hungry 🙂 I love the atmosphere as well–it looks like a great find!

  4. Chris Boothman
    | Reply

    Nice little place that you found here! We had a great dinner at Le Cochon Dingue in QC but there are so many amazing options for dining there that it makes it very difficult to pick one.

  5. Alli Blair
    | Reply

    Oooo! Sounds like the universe wanted you to eat here all along with the other sushi place being randomly closed! 🙂 I feel your pain after the long drive from Toronto to Quebec City – all you want to do is just feast away once you arrive. Looks delicious. Your posts always make me hungry, Lauren!

    • I think so! It all worked out for the best! Also, sorry sushi place, you don’t get a review on our blog now 😛 lol! 😉

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