Amber Cove Cruise Port Guide, Dominican Republic

It’s a destination in itself! The Amber Cove cruise port in Dominican Republic is truly a destination in itself. Although it’s always a good idea to get out and experience the country you’re visiting, you could easily spend a day right in port for a relaxing holiday. Amber Cove is great for couples, families, and friends and there’s always something … Read More

Libreria Acqua Alta Bookstore in Venice

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It was the first time that a bookstore had made my bucket list. Don’t get me wrong; I love visiting bookstores. There were several interesting bookstores that I stumbled upon in Italy and of course, I had to take a peek inside to check them out. Ever since I saw a few images of this particular bookshop pop up in … Read More

Amalfi Coast Adventures with Lovely Amalfi Coast Tours

We spent our day traveling around the Amalfi Coast, and it was certainly one of our most memorable travel adventures. Justin and I booked a tour with Lovely Amalfi Coast Tours. There are a number of tours in this region featured on their website, which cater to guests staying in the region or traveling from cruise ships. We had researched … Read More

Colorful Houses of Burano, Italy

Burano. I’m sure you’ve seen it grace your Pinterest feed more than once. It’s made appearances in numerous articles in articles rating it, “One of the most colorful places in the world.” Well, the rumors are true. The colorful houses of Burano are stunning. The painted homes lining the canals are worthy of any title marveling over the island’s charms. … Read More

Riding Scooters In Grand Turk: The Best Way To See The Island

Welcome To Grand Turk! It was my first time setting foot on Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos and I really didn’t know what to expect. I had heard that the island had wonderful beaches and great waterfront bars where you could simply drink and relax. That sounded great and all, but I really wanted to explore the island … Read More

Sweet Life Cafe: Local Vegetarian Restaurant in St Thomas

While traveling on a cruise, it can be challenging to immerse yourself in the local culture. After all, you’re stopping only for one brief day in each location, which merely gives you a taste of a place. With that said, here are many benefits to cruising. We were able to experience a whole bunch of places in a short period … Read More

Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery District

Christmas Markets aren’t exclusively for Europeans. This tradition has migrated to the Americas with an annual Christmas Market being held each year in Toronto at the historic Distillery District. If you love Christmas, this is sure to be the event that you don’t want to miss. Welcome to the Toronto Christmas Market! This is a free festive event in the … Read More

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