TripCreator: Easy and Stress-Free Travel Planning

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TripCreator is an interactive online travel planner with your interests in mind. Have you ever wanted to book a vacation somewhere, yet don’t know where to start? I think we’ve all been there. Sometimes travel planning can be quite a daunting task. There’s so much information out there on travel review websites, blogs, and social media. Wouldn’t it be easier … Read More

The Gift of Experiences for Father’s Day with Life Experiences

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  Fathers can be very difficult people to shop for. Actually, I find it tough to find presents for men in general sometimes. Sometimes when you ask them what they’d like, they respond with, “I don’t need anything!” or “Don’t bother buying anything for me.” Rather than gifting a material object that they may not use, why not give them … Read More

Give the Gift of Experiences and Memories with Samba Days

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Stuck on holiday gift ideas? Don’t want to give your loved ones something that they don’t really need or possibly won’t use? What if you could give the gift of an experience of a lifetime for Christmas this year? Samba Days offers exciting gift experiences to create everlasting memories for your family members and friends! We used a Samba Days … Read More

Scooter Rentals in Bermuda (and Other Modes of Transportation)

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When visiting Bermuda, you will quickly discover that car rentals on the island are non-existent. Only residents of Bermuda are permitted to drive cars, and citizens are limited to owning one car.  As Bermuda has a smaller land mass, there really isn’t too much room for many vehicles. Limiting the amount of cars on the road reduces the volume of … Read More

Holiday With a Blogger in Ferrara, Italy

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Holiday with a blogger Although there are hundreds of travel blogs and you are probably a reader of some of them, it is not that often when you actually can join the bloggers themselves. They are telling beautiful  stories about places they visited and showing pictures of local food that make you hungry. If you wish to join one of … Read More

Tips For Saving Money For Travel (Part 2)

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Here’s Part 2 of our collaborative series, Tips For Saving Money For Travel! You can read part 1 here if you haven’t already. I will provide some more of my own helpful tips, as well as a collection of tips from travel bloggers from around the web! These tips for saving money can help you on a daily basis to … Read More

Samba Days: The Perfect Gift Experience for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching and you might be stuck on gift ideas. Fear not: give Dad the gift of amazing memories with a Samba Days experience! Samba Days offers gift packages including overnight stays at a Bed and Breakfast, wine tours, action and adventure packages, meals at upscale restaurants, spa days, and so much more. There is truly something … Read More

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