CabinZero Backpack – Our Favorite Carry On Luggage

We’ve found our new favorite backpacks! CabinZero is a backpack company for travelers by travelers. The idea for a durable, stylish, and useful came from CabinZero’s owner and frequent traveler, Neil Varden. As far back as 1993, he wanted a bag that he could bring backpacking around India, trekking to the forest or the beach, or even bringing to overseas … Read More

HappyLuxe Travel Accessories Review

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HappyLuxe makes traveling way more comfortable…and stylish! HappyLuxe has proclaimed their products the “world’s most comfortable travel products.” And while I haven’t tried every travel product in the world, I can assure you that their travel accessories will make uncomfortable travel situations much more enjoyable. Have you ever felt cold on an airplane? Have you wanted to get a couple … Read More

Vegan Hiking Boots by Jambu – Product Review

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Finding vegan hiking boots can be tricky. Jambu to the rescue! A vegan diet means eating no animal products – meat, dairy, or eggs. However, living a vegan lifestyle goes beyond food. Animal products are used in so many aspects of our daily lives that we don’t even realize it or think about it. Animal testing is used for many … Read More

Our Essential Travel Photography Gear Guide

The travel photography gear we own and use while we travel. Great camera equipment is essential for capturing those special moments, especially when you’re traveling around the world. There’s so much gear out there and it can be overwhelming. High quality camera equipment is expensive, but it’s also a great investment. If I had to travel with one item only, … Read More

Toronto Veg Food Fest 2016

It was another amazing celebration of vegan food! It’s no secret that I really look forward to the Toronto Veg Food Fest. Like so many others, I like to call it, “Vegan Christmas.” It’s an annual free event at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre, organized by the Toronto Vegetarian Association. Veg Food Fest takes place on the second weekend of September from … Read More

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