Review of Air Transat with Vegan Meals

We’re baaaaaaack! We’ve returned home from spending three weeks in Italy. It’s good to be back to the world of travel blogging at last. We took a small hiatus from blogging while traveling so we could be fully immersed in our new surroundings, and now we’re back with so many stories to tell. Let’s start back at the very beginning … Read More

Review: Comfy Commuter Travel Pillow

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Even while taking lengthier flights, I’ve never been one to bring along travel pillows. I think I had accepted the fact that flying is uncomfortable. As a shorter/smaller female, I manage to find creative ways to curl up inside my seat during flights in various attempts to feel well-rested. I wind up bending and contorting my body into a variety … Read More

Caribbean Cruise – Disembarkation Day with Helpful Tips!

It was the dreaded day – disembarkation day. We had to leave behind the sunny destinations, the cruise ship, the party, the food, and all of the fun! We felt very fortunate to be aboard the Emerald Princess and so happy that we had such an incredible time on our voyage. The Emerald docked in Port Everglades bright and early, … Read More